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My name is Maria and I am a practicing seo-specialist and at the same time - the author of a blog about website optimization and the profession of an optimizer on the project. If you found this site in the search results or in your recommendations, then you can verify my competence as a SEO specialist yourself.

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I use trusted sources to write my content, such as Google help, SEO blogs from well-known companies, and the like. If I used any material for work, I will definitely leave a link to it. All articles about SEO are in the appropriate section.

When studying my work, remember that:

I really hope that the knowledge gained here will help you in one way or another, or (better yet) inspire you to do something. And even if it is very presumptuous to call my writings potential knowledge, I will still be optimistic - after all, even the largest news outlet once began with one web page.

Articles on my blog about SEO appear gradually, as I am the author of each page. There is no non-unique content here, or content that I haven't tested. If you find an error in the article - grammatical or logical - you can write about it. If you do not agree with what is written in the SEO blog - you can also write about it. However, I cannot guarantee that I will see your message quickly.

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My project is developing primarily as an information platform dedicated to SEO. Every month, thanks to free organic traffic, it is visited by several thousand people, who can potentially be your target audience. You can get more detailed traffic information by contacting me. So, I provide certain services related to promoting your product on my blog, namely:

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You can learn more about me and my work experience, skills and abilities, certificates and much more on my personal page on Linkedin. I am always open to dialogue and suggestions there. I also share a link to my page on the buymeacoffee - you can support me as a content author. The money that I receive on buymeacoffee, I use exclusively as donations for charity or support for the Ukrainian army.

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