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What are backlink indexer services and how to use them

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Information updated on January 13, 2023

Backlink indexer is a special tool that allows you to add specific addresses to the Google (or any other search engine's) index. More precisely they force Googlebot to crawl the page, and the fact whether it gets into the index or not depends on the quality of the content on the page. In addition to the promise of URLs appearing in the index, such services usually provide a number of additional services, which below.

Functionality of the backlink indexer is used in two cases:

From my own experience, I will say that if you need to massively add pages of your site to the index, then you are doing something wrong, because there is no better way than normal development of the site structure with understandable linking, navigation and normal content. Let's say you are doing black optimization methods and want to quickly index a translated multi-page on a expired domain. In this case, it is better to use the Google Indexing Api instead of the backlink indexer, which has a limit of 200 urls per day. Although the Google Indexing Api documentation states that it only works for pages with micro-markup of vacancies and live broadcasts (such as pages on which the content has limited relevance and therefore requires the fastest indexing), most SEO specialists claimed that this script helps them . In short, you can read about page indexing methods that are not related to the backlink indexer.

With backlink indexing, the situation is a little clearer. As for me, guest posts must be indexed without outside help, otherwise you either chose a donor poorly, or the link to the article is hidden somewhere on the donor site, and this should be checked. This is the work of the guys who do outreach, and since outreach is an expensive thing, it is an obligatory item of their work. But by the way, the backlink indexer can be used not so much for indexing backlinks as for controlling the presence of purchased links/posts, because there are unscrupulous webmasters who remove paid materials.

So why would I personally use the backlink indexer? In my opinion, only crowd should be indexed backlink indexer, and paid links - only in exceptional cases. Of course, this is my personal opinion, and here I do not want to impose it on anyone, I just say what I think, based on my experience. In general, here I wanted to talk more about the work of the backlink indexer, so that it would be a little clearer how they can work in general. I must say right away that I am primarily talking about the backlink indexer for the Google search engine, but for sure they work equally for alternative search engines.

How backlink indexers work

There are several methods used by these services.

Trust domain + 301 from internal page

I think it is clear from the very name of the method what will happen here: on the trust domain (I think each backlink indexers that uses this method has not 2 or 3 domains for these purposes) created a url with a 301/302/307 server response and the redirect will lead to the page which must be indexed. Google crawls this trusted domain and goes to the right addresses.

This method uses LinkBox.Pro backlink indexers.

Trust domain + outbound links from pages

Similar to the previous scheme, but instead of 301 server responses, they simply put outgoing links that the bot follows after scanning donors.

Pass links from low-quality sites

Another way to index backlinks is to bulk-link them from low-quality public sites, such as forums, hacked sites, and the like. Some backlink indexers worked this way.

Related services in backlink indexers

Because services want to sell as many customer services as possible, backlink indexers usually (but not always) offer some other link-related services, such as:

Some backlink indexers can even integrate metrics from various services (Ahrefs, Majestic) on your referral donors/referral pages. Whether you need it or not is up to you as a client: you can usually choose to pay only for the services you are interested in.

Quick answers

Is it effective to use backlink indexer?

Actually, if such services exist, then they probably work, but my experience with the backlink indexer is negative. For example, for a long time I tried to get the whole site on the WordPress subdomain to be indexed through the backlink indexer, without using the purity of the experiment other indexing methods. Trying to do this with the backlink indexer lasted more than 2 months to no avail. I also added a list of other donor pages for indexing (10 pieces), a month and a half after the start of the experiment, the situation has not changed - nothing is in the index. However, I advise you not to trust me, but to test any backlink indexer yourself, especially since they often give free "credits" to get started.

Is it safe to use backlink indexer?

In my experience, backlink indexer is safe to use. Even if Google considers a method that uses a backlink indexer (301 or links) to be spam, it simply won't take this into account in its algorithmic calculations. There is nothing to pessimize the target site here.

How can you replace backlink indexer?

Select an expired trust domain, buy it, set up a site on a separate server on it and act as backlink indexers work: put 301/outbound links to your target URLs and submit it for re-crawling, for example via the Google Indexing API. The downside of this method is that it needs to be configured, but this is a working scheme.

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