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How to create a resume for seo-specialist

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Information updated on January 7, 2023

A compelling resume is one of the most important elements of success when looking for a job. If you are not an experienced specialist who receives offers regularly, then the resume should be perfect. So, here you will find a practical guide under the working title "How to create an SEO specialist resume" with an example. Go.

Common points when creating a resume

We can say that such requirements are suitable for all specialties, but for a resume of an SEO specialist, this is a must. Especially if you are applying for a position in a large company, where there is a huge flow of candidates.

Document title + personal information in resume

  1. When applying for a specific job, the title of the resume should be called "Resume for the position" + job title. For example, Resume for the position of Miiddle Seo Specialist. If you still want to create a general resume, then you can simply name it with your name + indicate your specialty.
  2. Personal data:
    • ✔️ Photo is optional; most recruiters agree that a photo should not be added to a resume to weed out any value judgments.
    • ✔️ Mandatory: First name, Last name, specialty names + level. Optionally - year of birth, city of residence.
    • ✔️ Contact details: phone, work email. Please note that mail should not be named [email protected] or similar way - create a mailbox with a normal business name.
    • ✔Information about education, level.

Summary in CV

In a resume, a Summary is literally 1-2 sentences about who you are and why you are the right fit for the job.

A block about common hard skills

Briefly describe useful secondary skills/skills, such as language skills, leadership courses for management positions, etc.

The main part: work experience

  1. First, enter your total work experience (in years) in the same position, or in the same field in a related position. Irrelevant experience should not be considered.
  2. The next part should consist of a chronological description of your relevant work experience.
  3. The third part should consist of a list of your responsibilities, that is, a specification of experience (what did you do in previous jobs?).
  4. The fourth part should consist of a description of skills/knowledge/skills, in particular, work with programs and theoretical knowledge.

Tip: don't know what to write? Look through several vacancies for an SEO specialist and write down the responsibilities / knowledge / skills that are mentioned in these ads. You can also view CVs of other specialists.

This is how a brief, informative resume of an SEO specialist should look like:

Searcher Summary


It can be difficult for SEO beginners to write a proper resume due to lack of experience. In this case, if you have something to brag about, describe the following points:

Instead of conclusions

The key to writing a resume is to be concise, to the point, and honest. Tailor your resume to the job seeker's request without cheating, and this will be the best way to show your relevance.

Any paragraphs of the resume of an SEO specialist should not overload the document with a lot of facts. Whatever you include, you must remain concise and obviously understandable. Long sentences or repetitive lists won't do you any good and should be avoided, even if it means skipping several sections of your content.

Needless to say, all your claims must be solidly backed up. So as you strive to become a thoughtful and considerate resume writer, don't forget about references and cover letters that will allow you to assert yourself as a talented professional and a pleasant person.

Quick Replies

How many pages should a resume be?

To simplify the perception of information about the candidate, the summary should be 1 page long.

What is the most important thing in a SEO resume?

Basic - description of experience and skills.

Where can I get a resume example?

I recommend paraphrasing the job posting instead of an example, witches often have all the responsibilities described. If they match your past responsibilities, then that's perfect.

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