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Creating a newsletter subscription on the site: instructions

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Information updated on December 24, 2022

While studying the issue of creating a subscription on the site, I came across a situation that there is no normal information in the top of Google for this query, or rather, there is no step-by-step instruction. There are a lot of texts about what it is and how it should look like, as well as a lot of ranting about not sending letters to people if they did not agree to this, but there was no specific step-by-step instruction related to creating a subscription. After spending 2 or 3 days (some things took a long time to set up there), I figured out this issue myself, and I'm ready to give a short useful article on how to create a subscription on the site without using any special CMS plugins, but simply by working with naked html.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a subscription on the site

Time to complete 120 minutes

Required tools:

✅ Corporate mail on the domain (created on the host)

✅ Any email client

Step One: Create a Corporate Email Address

Corporate mail on the domain

On your host (my site was hosted on Namecheap), you need to create a corporate address like [email protected], on behalf of which letters will be sent to your subscribers. It's absolutely free.

Step one: Create a Corporate Email Address

Step Two: Set up a corporate email address

Corporate mail on the domain

To receive letters to this mail, register mx-records on Cloudflare or other cloud service in the format as shown in the picture. If Cloudflare is not used, this step can be skipped - mail will work on the host. At this stage, you can immediately set up forwarding of letters from this mail to some of your regular mail for convenience, because the email interface on the host may not be very convenient.

Step two: Set up a corporate email address

Step 3: register on the mail client

Corporate mail on the domain

I googled the first mail service I came across (, made sure that it was not Russian and registered on it. There, a small number of mailings (up to 500) can be carried out for free, which suits me perfectly.

Step Three: register on the mail client

Step 4: Email Confirmation

Corporate mail on the domain

Confirm the address that was created on the host so that you can continue working in the mail service.

Step Four: Email Confirmation

Step Five: Create a form and paste it on your site

Tool: Any email client

Go to the “Subscription Form” section (of course, it may be called differently on your email client), and create a form for yourself in the visual editor. If the form is already in your theme template, and you just need to connect the site to the mail service, click the "Get HTML code without styles" button. After that, fill in the information about where the addresses signed on this form will come.

Step Five: Create a form and paste it on your site

Step six: Paste the code into the site

Paste the code into your site and see how it looks. You can inject styles and classes into code elements.

Step six: Paste the code into the site

Step 7: Test the form on some of your mail

Fill in all the required information and click "Subscribe", then confirm the subscription in your mail. The letter may end up in spam. Then in sendpulse this mail will appear in the list that you linked, and you will be able to send mailings to it. But you need to understand that the mail itself is not disclosed, it will just be a figure showing the number of subscriptions.

Step 7: Test the form

In general, everything! This is the main thing that needs to be done technically. Next - marketing work, in particular, setting up and creating attractive letters. And yes, I will also remind you: do not forget to indicate near your subscription form on the site that by sending a name and mail, the user agrees to receive letters from your site, but at the same time his personal data is safe.

Subscription form and SEO

I would like to note right away that the presence of a subscription form is either not a ranking factor at all, or is included in the group of E-A factors with a very low level of influence on positions. However, if your site's goal is to convert traffic into money, then email marketing can increase conversions, especially if you consider that this is a target audience that is more likely to be interested in an offer from a site that you have subscribed to.

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