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Overview of the Linkbox.Pro service

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Information updated on January 21, 2023 is a service that provides SEO specialists with a comprehensive set of tools for analyzing and managing your links. The main function of is backlink indexer, however, Linkbox provides other handy tools useful in SEO optimization.

Linkbox: brief information about the service

Legal: The company is localized in Kharkov, Ukraine.
Languages: Russian
Payment Options: Visa and MasterCard - WayForPay
Tools: βœ… Backlinks indexer
βœ… Checking backlinks
βœ… Checking URLs for presence in the index
βœ… Checking links and indexing in Google and Yandex through API
βœ… Anchor list analysis
βœ… Backlink monitoring.
Support: βœ… Mail - [email protected]
βœ… Contact form
βœ… Telegram
Affiliate Program: yes, 100 credit ($1)
Ability to test the tool for free: yes
Prices (per 1 url): βœ… Add Url Google - $0.01
βœ… Check Page Index - $0.003
βœ… Link Check - $0.001
βœ… Domain / Page Trust - $0.005

Overview of services in

Linkbox provides a range of services for link management. I will describe each of them.

Indexing links (Backlinks indexer)

The main function of is to help SEO specialists to index the pages of their sites or donor pages. This service is called Backlinks indexer.'s indexing technology is described in their Q/A section: they create an internal page on a trusted domain with a 301 server response, redirecting the bot to the URL to be indexed.

To start a link indexing campaign, add a list of URLs, specify an acceptor (so you can run other processes along the way, such as checking links), then select all the links you want to index, check "Index backlinks" in the panel, and click " start". After that, the campaign will start, its end will be announced on the Linkbox taskbar.

Linkbox: index backlinks service

Backlink Checker

Backlink checking is a service for checking the presence of outgoing links from a given address to a selected acceptor or for the presence of a given pages with a link (sometimes they can delete not the link itself, but the whole page). Need this tool to keep track of dropped links in the long run.

To start a link indexing campaign, add a list of URLs, specify an acceptor, then select all the links you want to check, check "Check backlinks" in the panel, and click "Start". After that, you will get the result with all the data on the pages (server response, outgoing links).

Linkbox: Backlink Checker Service Completed

This task can be put on stream and you can regularly receive reports on changes in the status of your donor pages, which is very convenient, especially when monitoring perpetual links that have disappeared (some webmasters do their part of the contract in bad faith.

Checking URLs for presence in the index

This service allows you to automate bulk page indexing to understand how effective is your link building (and fix indexing problems if you find a large number of pages not in the index).

To start an indexing check campaign, add a list of URLs, then select all the links you want to check, check "Check backlinks indexing" in the panel, and click "Start". After you get a result with information about the presence of the page in the index.

Linkbox: Check backlinks indexing service - report

This task can also be regularly performed independently, according to the specified schedule, and information about changes will be sent to the mail.

Checking links and indexing in Google and Yandex via API

Linkbox also offers to integrate data from the webmaster panel of Google and Yandex using the API, which will allow you to display non-indexed pages of your own site, as well as upload and monitor all incoming links to the site found by search engine bots.

Analysis of the anchor list and metrics of donor domains

At the same time, using the Linkbox tools, you can monitor the anchor list for downloaded referral pages, as well as upload metrics of donor domains from Moz, Alexa and other services. It should be noted that this is much more profitable than paying for such tools as Moz, Alexa, Semrush on your own.

Here I have listed only the main functionality of Linkbox. Users can find more information about additional reports on their backlinks by registering in Linkbox and receiving 100 starter credits for testing the service.

A few words about other Linkbox sections

Linkbox not only provides a number of tools for working with backlinks/its own site, but also maintains a rather useful blog where you can find instructions and cases for working with the service. At the same time, the information in these sections is presented in a convenient format of video instructions, which clearly demonstrates to users the ease of working with the Linkbox website. Watch the video The structure of the Linkbox account to appreciate the simplicity of the service interface.

The structure of the Linkbox account

In the video you can see The structure of the Linkbox account. my impressions and recommendations

This tool from a cool Ukrainian company is perfect for monitoring and managing links on SEO team sites. Linkbox has created literally every type of service you need for optimal on-page SEO. From cool to Linkbox - the simplicity of the interface, the ability to use the tools for free, the relatively low price of services. In general, I recommend that you definitely test it.

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