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Suomzilla Platform Overview

Suomzilla is an ad network with self-service interface. It is a new tool for managing Internet traffic. The Suomzilla advertising network allows the advertiser to solve effective promotional tasks, as well as earn money for the publishers. In fact, this is another Adsense competitor that offers better terms for both sides of the advertising deal.

Suomzilla is registered in Finland. The official website is available in English, which is convenient for users from all over the world. You can contact the site support service to clarify any questions after registering on the site, as well as by writing to the mail [email protected].

In this article, you will learn the main functions of the service, read about the advantages and disadvantages of the platform. The content of the article:

Suomzilla module for publishers

Registration as a publisher is moderated manually. To register, you must leave your email address and website in a special form. If it matches the system, you will receive an email about successful verification.

The site Suomzilla positions itself as a Self-Service platform, which means that none of the parties to the advertising deal will need to additionally contact the manager. So, after receiving an approval, publishers can independently determine which type of advertisements they will place. Applications from advertisers can be processed automatically.

Withdrawal of money for displaying ads for publishers is carried out using bank transfer, Paxum payment service or Capitalist online payment system. Ad placement prices will depend on many factors: country, device, operating system, type of advertising.

Suomzilla advertiser options overview

Suomzilla has an advanced set of tools for customizing ads. The advertiser can select an audience based on the following criteria:

The platform itself guarantees high quality traffic thanks to the developed anti-fraud system. This means that the advertiser will not have to pay for bots that do not bring real conversions. The sites of the advertisers are handpicked, so Suomzilla can vouch for the reliability of the resources.

Ad types

Currently, the customer will have 3 options for advertising placement. Their features are described below.


Popunder - type of ad on the site/in the application, in which the ad is launched when the web page is loaded. At the same time, Popunder can completely cover the contents of the tab (more efficient, but also less convenient for the user), or open in a side tab (less efficient, but not annoying for the user).

Push notifications

Push notifications are notification-style advertisements that are sent to desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. Push notifications can only be sent to users who have subscribed to the publisher's website and given permission to do so. That is why the amount of traffic may be slightly lower compared to Popunder, but it may have a better conversion.

In Suomzilla, this format consists of two images, a brand name and a title. The advertiser needs to come up with the most effective type of ad and headline to grab the user's attention.


Native ads are one of the most effective types of ads and have a high conversion rate. Such advertising fits organically on the pages of the site, and looks like a "recommendation". It is best to choose sites for native advertising that are thematically very suitable for the advertiser's product.

In order to understand which of the advertising options works best, the advertiser is offered convenient statistics with the most detailed data about traffic and clicks. I recommend to test different ad options to find out what will bring more conversions.

Push Notifications and Native Ads can be launched in two modes: CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per action).

Prices and minimum payment

The minimum deposit for an advertiser is 100 euros. You can replenish your account in your account after you have registered and verified your mail. The advertiser's account is also moderated.

minimum payment suomzilla

The site has a section for getting acquainted with the prices of all types of advertisements from different countries and devices. Moreover, when compared with the main competitors of the advertising service, the prices are much lower.

Suomzilla payment options

The advertiser can make a deposit using a bank transfer, Paxum payment service or Capitalist online payment system.

My evaluation of Suomzilla

Suomzilla is a good platform for advertising and projects promotion, as well as a profitable way to monetize website with traffic. If one of these goals is of interest to you, I highly recommend registering on the site and testing their functionality. In my opinion, manual moderation of projects offered by advertisers guarantees high quality traffic and, as a result, good conversion. This distinguishes Suomzilla from those ad networks that offer bots from low-quality sites with no real traffic.

On the other hand, so far Suomzilla doesn't offer as many ad options as the brand's more well-known competitors do. More convenient payment options are missing. In any case, all this will be improved over time, but for now, Suomzilla, as a new project, boasts more affordable prices.

My evaluation in numbers:

Quick Replies

What types of advertising are available in Suomzilla?

There are currently 3 types of ads available: Popunder, Push, Native.

Can all interested publishers register on the platform?

No. Publisher sites are manually moderated, which guarantees a high conversion rate.

What kind of statistics available in Suomzilla?

For all types of profiles, full statistics on traffic in real time or a selected period is available.


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